Why You should Integrate Your Event Software Together With Your Back-office Systems


For just about any business, regardless of whether you organise occasions or otherwise, it is crucial that the back finish applications integrate seamlessly with one another, making certain you’ve got a streamlined, perfect business (and event) process. To have an event manager making certain you’ve accurate information is important, but having the ability to view and analyse these details from one location is essential. Integrating your event software together with your CRM and finance package implies that all data associated with delegate attendance, payment along with other activities is instantly delivered to the CRM system in the event system – making certain the CRM is definitely current and proper. Consequently making certain you minimise the outcome in your organisation as well as your companies technological infrastructure but nonetheless making certain you target your delegates simply and efficiently.

Choosing the proper Event Software Solution

When searching to buy a celebration keeper solution you have to choose the system that is able to grow and adapt as the organisations grows and technology develops. Business systems for example CRM solutions, finance packages and HR solutions all contain information which will have to be updated with each and every event you manage. The client data in your CRM solution will have to be updated using their latest activity, the finance system will have to process any payments and also the HR solution will have to update worker records when the event involves staff attendance.

Automating this method with the integration together with your internal back finish office systems, can help you eliminate any errors and can make the entire process of updating others much more efficient. Effective event software programs have a flexible technical architecture, letting them integrate with your current and future systems.

Integration into Back-office applications

Planning a celebration requires information all regions of your company, from inviting the appropriate attendees, for them reserving online, to receipt of payment everything must be recorded not just in the big event solution but additionally inside the relevant internal systems. By integrating your fully internet based event software to your internal back-office systems it’ll make sure you provide critical and relevant statistics on every aspect of the big event, meaning event organisers could make better proper and financial decisions when planning future occasions.

Some obvious advantages to event managers when they would integrate their event keeper and procedures using their internal business design and infrastructure are:

All event data could be located, viewed and analysed from one location

Minimise administration through automation of numerous event processes

Immediate access to current event information

Full control of every aspect of your event

Means have accurate, clean & current info on your delegates/customers

Integrates with back-office system for authentication on costs/discounts/prices etc and all sorts of delegate data

Results in a comprehensive event CRM system


By integrating your internal CRM together with your event software you’ll be able to manage customer/delegate data more proficiently. Which means that the contact and company details, alongside your event booking and attendance records could be shared backward and forward systems. The CRM allows event bookings and event modifications to make directly from its very own contacts records and enable the CRM user complete charge of customer event interactions.


Should you require payment for the event, handling the finances behind this really is serious. A celebration solution that’s built-into your corporate finance application allows payment information and details to become passed, seamlessly backward and forward systems (and to your CRM solution if needed). Event related invoices and credit notes could be generated and dispatched either in the big event solution or perhaps in your internal finance application, making certain a seamless, discomfort-free and secure payment journey for you personally as well as for your delegates.

Event managers’ job roles have become more and more harder and demanding, as they need to juggle numerous tasks. Event managers are recognising that by integrating their internet based event software into all of their other business systems, they could access critical and relevant statistics on every aspect of the big event, which makes it much simpler to allow them to make smarter proper and financial decisions when planning future occasions.