The Rise of the Celeb DJ


All parties need a few things, chief among them being people and music. Most times, if the party has good music it will attract people who want to listen to that music. This requires having a good DJ. Many promoters get these from a respected dj agency and have wonderful parties with great crowds. Booking a great DJ for a party or event is a surefire way to get a set number of people to show up, and has worked for many promoters for a very long time.

However, some promoters discovered a way to draw even more people to their clubs and parties. While great music will draw in people, some want even more of a reason to spend their hard earned money. Celebrities will make people flock to clubs all over the world just for a chance of grabbing a picture for Instagram or a video for their Snapchat. These celebrities will give your club the endorsement and the “cool factor” that only a superstar of their proportions can bring, and some of these celebs bring a bit more to the table than others do. Some, along with their appearance, will eliminate your need to hire a DJ because they will perform a DJ set themselves.

Many celebrities have begun performing as DJs in addition to their appearances at clubs, either as a challenge to themselves or because they simply enjoy it. Musicians, athletes, movie and television actors and actresses, social media influencers, and reality stars have all been seen getting behind the turntables and spinning the wheels of steel. A party could get a slam dunk set from Shaquille O’Neal, have a Freaky Friday night with Lindsay Lohan, or put a little Culture in the Club with Boy George. Promoters have found booking their celebrities and DJ at the same time through a celebrity booking agency is far easier than trying to book a DJ and celebrity appearance separately.

Some of these celebs have even gone as far as starting their own parties and festivals that they DJ at. Shaquille O’Neal, who has actually been spinning records since he was 14 years old, created Shaq’s Fun House. This carnival-like event featured guest sets from the likes of Steve Aoki and Diplo. Boy George, of Culture Club fame, was a DJ before joining that group and has returned to his roots and has created parties and events in Ibiza and across the world at Gay Pride events and has even been listed on international lists for Best DJ in the World alongside acts like Avicii and Armin Van Buuren. Former Soap Opera star Patsy Palmer has created her own event, GODMUTHAS, at Malibu’s Soho House which features guest sets from many female stars of various industries including Macy Grey and Heidi Lawden.

The promoters who have booked these celebrity DJs have been pleased and the trend will likely continue to be popular as more celebrities with musical passions decide to give a run at being a disc jockey. This only means more parties and more patrons having fun.