Six Mistakes to Avoid when Going to a Strip Club


If you have been going to a strip club for a while, you know the importance of strip club etiquette and rules to maximize your enjoyment. You can improve your experience by avoiding the mistakes that other people make. These mistakes include the following:

Forcing your Girlfriend to be with You

A reluctant girlfriend should not be in a strip club in the first place. She will give dancers their fiery eyes with arms crossed. When you go to a strip club and want to bring your girlfriend, make sure she has been there before or she initiated the idea. Seeing a raging girlfriend with you will make you invisible in the eyes of the strippers.

Not Getting a Good Bachelor Party Package

If you are visiting a strip club with a party, you may be offered some good VIP deals. These deals vary by club and you will know if they are worth it when you ask what you are getting in advance. The best package should not leave you missing out on much of the talent of the club.

Failing to Ask the Rules

Will it be your first time to the strip club? If so, it is important to ask the rules to avoid confusion and possible awkwardness. Your awareness will save you from the embarrassment and shock when a stripper sits on your lap.

Using your Phone Near the Stage

In a strip club, it might be better to keep your phone in your pocket, especially if you are near the stage. The dancers may think you are taking photos, which is a no-no there. If you really need to use your phone, go to an area far from the stage.

Failing to Ask about Prices First

When you enter a strip club, there will many tempting VIP offers presented to you. Without knowing the price, you may only be shocked to be charged crazily. To avoid going over your budget, make sure you ask about the cost upfront.

Failing to Tip the Stage

Tipping a few bucks to every dancer ensures you will have a consistently busy table. This is because they assume your engagement with what is happening in the club. It does not matter how much you want to toss up there as long as you take the effort. A lot of the dancers will stop by to say hi to you.