Enjoy Your Trip


For any lengthy time I did not know very well what spiritual teachers mean once they say: “It isn’t the destination that’s essential but experiencing the journey itself”. I usually thought, yes, yes, I’ll benefit from the journey when I arrive at the destination. I’ve goals, and should i be doing everything right, the Loa brings it in my experience immediately. After which all of the worries began: “Therefore if I do not have it, i then should do it wrong. Basically do not get it immediately, then something is wrong beside me. I guess everybody will get everything immediately, except me. Obviously they can savor the journey, since they’re there, however i am still here.”

With all of these ideas I began to build up a belief:”I’m a failure” The greater I figured about this, the greater I acquired to that particular “failure” destination. Therefore it labored. The Loa did work! Except, I didn’t enjoy that journey whatsoever! It felt OK for some time to have a pity party personally making others pity me, but my inner self didn’t allow me to get ready individuals feelings for very lengthy. I usually heard that little voice: “Hey, you’ve got a goal to achieve along with a great journey to savor.” There is a place within my existence after i felt basically remain in a particular situation I’ll gradually but exit this existence. It had not been a crisis, I’d my very own apartment, I’d work, I’d enough money and that i were built with a partner. However the whole factor just wasn’t ME. At that time I stated, no matter what, to any extent further I’ll only pay attention to me. And my journey began. I left my lady, I offered my apartment, I gone to live in a really distant country (really continent), and began to review something I have i never thought about before.

A few days ago I’d a talk about future working plans with someone, which morning I automobile up and recognized: This Is Actually The JOURNEY! I’ve got a goal, I do not fully realize yet ways to get there, however i check out every possibility I see, and find out where individuals pathways take me. Which is exciting! To determine where individuals pathways take me! In my opinion if individuals steps are logical, I must say, no. But the very first time within my existence I can tell a larger picture, and find out how things link together. On the journey you will find trees or flowers or signs or houses or creatures you simply go by. And you will find ponds you go swimming directly into refresh yourself or places you lie lower and gaze in the blue sky or meet somebody that can provide you with some directions should you request it, however you carry on.

At this time that is I am doing. I concentrate on transpire, I trust I’ll achieve that goal, and meanwhile benefit from the journey. I’m enjoying seeing: WHERE THIS PATH TAKES ME.

And That I know I’ll arrive. After which you know what? A brand new journey will start. So that is what this means. We never arrive to some still place. We’re always on the highway. We’ll also have new goals and new desires and new achievements. There aren’t any dead ends, you could make u turns if required. And you can even benefit from the u turn, you may see something, you haven’t observed before. There’s no failure, that’s just our mind that thinks we must be around or there, need to be a, and also have to reach now or never. But these are merely ideas, and also the more we consider them they become beliefs.

As Abraham-Hicks states: “A belief is really a thought we keep thinking.” So let us keep thinking we’re success, love and happiness, and Let us Benefit From The JOURNEY!